How can I record ventilator settings by using DeviceMetric

I’m not sure which resource I am suppose to use, If I want to record ventilator settings for example, PEEP, pressure level, mode,inspiratory time…

Should I put all these parameter in DeviceMetric which is mentioned settings in its documentation?

Hi @Ko_Isa

Here is a near similar thread from a while back that might help you out: Patient Ventilation Data - #5 by michellemiller

Thanks ~
I have already seen this~
but I’m still not sure which resources should I use for recording patients’ ventilator settings
DeviceMetrics and Observation all mention ventilator settings, and I can’t find any example about this

Observation has a reference to the subject/patient whereas DeviceMetric does not. If you are wanting patient-specific observations about vent settings, Observation should work.

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Thank you!
So can I put all the vent settings under the component(label) and record them as values, or there is another label I should use?

I will bring this up with the Orders & Observations workgroup and Devices workgroup that own Observation and DeviceMetric respectively to address clarification. In Observation there is .device that can reference Device or DeviceMetric directly (if you don’t want to go “through” Device or don’t know or don’t need to know the actual Device used, just the settings). .component is not the right place for settings as settings are not actual observations, rather information that provides context to the observation(s).

Perhaps this example in the FHIR spec may help: Observation-example-satO2 - FHIR v4.6.0.