2 HAPI FHIR implementations?


I am interested in using the hapi-fhir-server component to stand up a REST FHIR server above my healthcare datasystem, but am a little confused about the different versions of HAPI FHIR.

There appear to be two HAPI FHIR repositories on Github:

Both appear to be maintained, although the package naming is different, and the components are named and organized differently.

The org.hl7 version seems to be newer, but does not include the hapi-fhir-server component.

Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.


The main hapi-fhir library contains the HAPI server and client (and other tools). It depends on the hapi-fhir core library that contains the base java classes for the general HAPI library, along with various other utilities used by the library. The core library is also used for generation of the specification itself, and in other related tools. So the core library is really just part of the HAPI library but split out to manage the dependencies.

The main library is the right place to start for implementers - you should always use that if you can


Thanks for clearing up my confusion!

-Mark Dzmura