:above and :below modifiers on URI search parameters

Hi there,

The example shown in http://hl7.org/fhir/search.html#uri is incorrect.

 GET [base]/ValueSet?url=http://acme.org/fhir/ValueSet/123
 GET [base]/ValueSet?url=http://acme.org/fhir/
 GET [base]/ValueSet?url=urn:oid:

The explanation below says:

The second line performs a search that will return any value sets that have a URL that starts with “http://acme.org/fhir/”.

Seems like :below modifier is missing and the 2nd item should have been GET [base]/ValueSet?url:below=http://acme.org/fhir instead?

Also, can someone explain how :above modifier would work? The modifier section says the search term right matches the value so if I do something like GET [base]/ValueSet?url:above=ValueSet/123 then it should match any URL that ends with ValueSet/123?


The :below and :above modifiers are not being illustrated in the example. I agree that the text is confusing and have posted a tracker to clarify and add examples illustrating modifier usage explicitly.

Thanks Eric.

Just to confirm, the text is incorrect in this case because the default behavior of URI search is precise matching and therefore the 2nd item will only match exactly http://acme.org/fhir/ not any value sets that have a URL that starts with http://acme.org/fhir/.