Accessing patient resources by certain practitioners


We have patient resources such as Observations, Procedures, etc that need to be shared with certain practitioners. The list of practitioners who have access to patient resources can be different from patient to patient.

Is there a way to set up relation between patient resources and practitioners that are allowed to access these resources?

Thank you in advance.

There are a few possibilities.

  1. You could use CareTeam - those on a patient’s care team can see the data, those who aren’t generally can’t
  2. You could have Consent instances that govern who has permission to see what
  3. You could use Patient.generalPractitioner in a similar manner to CareTeam, though that might not be appropriate for all patients
  4. You could look at what Practitioners are associated with the Encounter or ‘request’ resource associated with the Observation/Procedure and drive off of that
  5. You could use extensions
  6. You could use some combination of the above :slight_smile:
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