Accessing sample data for appointments

Hello everyone,

Do you know where I can access to sample data for appointments during sandboxing phase? I was not able to found any sample data for appointments at this link: Documentation - Epic on FHIR

Actually, what i want to achieve is using the appointment find api to query for appointments on a particular date but when I retrieved the ID of each appointment from the results, I cannot use that ID to perform a typical appointment read request for one single appointment.

The status returns me 200 OK but there is no information for that particular appointment. It seems that the ID is randomly generated too… I am not too sure.

Is anyone able to help me with this? Thank you so much!

It looks like Epic doesn’t support Appointment in their R4 interface. Have you tried reaching out to If you have questions about the behavior of a specific EHR, you need to reach out to their support.