Alert Resource replacement

we were planning on using the Alert resource to serve up information as a FHIR server about what we call “gaps in care”. For example, when a patient is in the PCP’s office for a visit, putting something on the screen that says “Patient is overdue for a mammogram”, or “Patient has elevated HbA1C”, or even something as basic as “Patient needs an office visit”, etc etc. Now that the Alert resource has been retired in DSTU2, I was wondering what the community’s thoughts were on what the best resource would be for this use case. We’ve looked at the “Flag” resource, but our use cases don’t fit nicely into the “flag code” code set. We’ve also considered “DetectedIssue”, however those categories also don’t encompass everything we need. The benefit of DetectedIssue is the ability to add a free form description, which gives us the flexibility to include whatever description we need to. Any other suggestions on other resources we might want to consider would be most appreciated. Thanks,


Alert has been replaced with Flag. The Flag category and code value sets are just examples - you’re free to use your own codes.

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Ah, very helpful, thank you for the feedback.