AllergyIntolerance - US Core - RxNorm


We have started the review of the coding standards recommended by US Core provided listed under the url for RxNorm.

Which of these RxNorm code types do these belong to, here are the list for reference:

  1. Brand Name (BN)
  2. Branded Pack (BPCK)
  3. Generic Pack (GPCK)
  4. Ingredient (IN)
  5. Multiple Ingredients (MIN)
  6. Precise Ingredient (PIN)
  7. Semantic Branded Dose Form Group (SBDG)
  8. Semantic Branded Drug (SBD)
  9. Semantic Branded Drug Form (SBDF)
  10. Semantic Clinical Dose Form Group (SCDG)
  11. Semantic Clinical Drug (SCD)
  12. Semantic Clinical Drug Form (SCDF)

Any guidance is much appreciated!

Thank you in advance!

  • Shalini

As far as I can tell, these are all IN/MINs.

Thank you for a very quick response.

The list only shows 563, is this just a sample that is being displayed on the site?