Any requirement to use Websocket with FHIR?

Hi all,

Right now I am implementing FHIR Subscription to support Websocket in our production, after Subscription and Channel is created, I want use Stomp as our protocol to retrieve all FHIR resources. And version of Stomp is either 1.0 or 1.1.

Since there are little documentation about using Websocket with FHIR, is Stomp FHIR complied?

I really appreciate your help.

From a quick read of the STOMP specification, it seems unlikely they are aligned

Thank you for the reply.
What kind of protocol should I follow then? And will FHIR accept more kinds of protocol for websocket in the future, since most of the industry is using existing protocol, e.g. STOMP.

I expect that if you wanted to perform some experiments in this directions, it would help inform the community. Probably makes sense to start with what’s defined in the spec today, and then describe anything you do to augment your implementation.