Are there FHIR resources for Call Orders, Activity Orders, Precautions?

Hospital orders may include Call Orders (e.g., “call doctor if glucose > 400 mg/dL”), Activity Orders (e.g., “bed rest,” “up in chair every 8 hours,” or “up ad lib”), and Precautions (“seizure precautions” or “withdrawal precautions”).

Are these currently modeled as FHIR resources? I thought I might find them under Care Provision resources, but didn’t see them.

Activity Orders and Precautions would both be ServiceRequests. Call orders could be ServiceRequests, but they could also be CommunicationRequests. Might be worth submitting a change request to make this clearer in the spec and to add some examples.

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@lloyd, thank you! Of course, I should have searched current drafts instead of just the DSTU3.

I want to model precautions in FHIR 3 how can I do that without serviceRequest

Precaution is probably best handled using Flag

Ok but now I also see this which has an example of Low Suicide Risk Order Set. Isn’t that a precaution / where precaution should live since it is a protocol of how to deal with a certain illness not necessarily a certain patient?


It depends on what you mean by “precaution”. If you’re interested in patient-specific (or device-specific or location-specific, etc.), then you want Flag. If you want a general "in this circumstance, regardless of timeframe or individual, here’s the things to watch out for, then PlanDefinition would be appropriate.

Ok thanks for the info!