Are You Aware of Any Immunization Registry Work in USA

Hello FHIR Developers and Users,

Is anyone aware of pilot, prototype or production activities in the United States around the use of FHIR to support Immunization Registries?

If so, do you know 1) which FHIR resources were used and 2) if this registry work has been documented in any blog, article or white paper? If documented, might you be able to provide the link or a copy of the PDF file(s)?

NOTE: With help from Lloyd, I was introduced to the impressive work done in Ontario, see the details below as provided by Chris Pentleton, Director Digital Health Solutions and Innovation Branch, Ministry of Health and Long Term Care, Ontario, Canada .

• Ontario wide Immunization Repository with approximately 6M clients and 100M Immunizations. With DSTU2 compatible FHIR interface to this repository, supporting a number of internal and external applications.
• A Mass Immunization iPAD application that utilize FHIR to interface with the Repository - this APP is used by Public Health Nurses across Ontario.
• Recently released ICON (Immunization Connect Ontario) allows parents to access and update their child’s Immunization record, this uses FHIR.
• Work is underway with EMR vendors to integrate Immunization into their products.
• A newly implemented Drug Repository with 1.7Billion records is just starting to be rolled out, also implemented with a FHIR interfaces. 100,000 users are expected in the next 2 years.
• As noted by Chris Pentleton, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, FHIR is definitely the way to go. They found it much easier to implement (weeks, not months or years).

Lenel James @Lenel-BCBSA