Associating phone number or telephone (telecom) per encounter

I need to store phone number and telephone at the encounter level, not at the patient level. What’s the best way to do that? I am already using the Location property in the Encounter… Should I store it in Location.Contact (ExtendedContactDetail)? Should I store them in the Encounter identifier, or even as an extension? Thanks so much.

Is this “phone number for the patient’s current room”? If so, then having the phone number on the ‘Bed’ location or ‘room’ location would make sense.

In our case, the user specifies a location (address) where their visit is to occur, and specify which phone number and email to use for notification for that visit. If they perform another visit later on, then they can specify a different location, phone number and/or email, specific to that visit.

Ok, so this is more of a “where to phone/text reminders related to this appointment prior to it happening or to phone with results after” than “where to contact patient when in the midst of the encounter” - is that accurate?

Correct, it’s more for reminders.