AU Base on FHIR R4 - PractitionerRole with multiple AUMedicareProviderNumber identifiers

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I have a question regarding the PractitionerRole resource that I am hoping someone can assist with.
The Australian implementation guide for PractitionerRole (AU Base on FHIR R4 ( points out that the Provider number should be part of PractitionerRole.identifier, which is fine; that makes sense.

But in instances where the practitioner has multiple provider numbers as a result of providing health services in different locations, how are the different providers numbers to be associated with the different PractitionerRole.location references?

In such instances, is it intended that there should be multiple PractitionerRole resources, with each one containing a single provider number and location reference, or something else?


OK so the more I look at the international and AU specs, the more I’m beginning to lean toward the conclusion that there should be multiple PractitionerRole resources, and it is the organization reference with its max cardinality of 1 that justifies the provider number being in PractitionerRole.identifiers. In other words, we’ve got the wrong idea about ‘Location’ and it should be ‘Organization’.

Regardless, feel free to chime in if anyone has anything further to add or clarify.

Correct Frederick. One PractitionerRole for each role (of interest) that a practitioner plays.

Location is about a place, not the organisations that are located there.

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Another place to ask questions about FHIR in Australia is

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Thanks Richard - I shall use that chat stream for any further AU-specific queries.
Cheers - take care.