Average Number of FHIR Messages Per

I’m looking for some “ballpark” numbers on the number of FHIR messages generated by common medical encounters for an “Introduction to FHIR” presentation a team here is putting together. For example - how many might be generated for a routine physical? A simple prescription? An elective surgery (e.g. hip replacment) with no complications?

Just want to give the audience a feel for this. Don’t want them to think it’s one or two, and don’t want them to think it’s millions.

Thanks, Gary

First, most FHIR interactions won’t be messages - they’ll be RESTful creates and updates. And the volume can be impacted by almost an order of magnitude by how frequently a system pushes the data to its server - and how many places they need to be pushed. However, I’ll try to answer your questions as best I can:
Routine physical - 1 encounter, 3-4 new or updated Conditions, maybe a new Allergy, 3-4 Observations, maybe a CarePlan, and a DocumentReference for encounter notes. So call it ~10
A simple prescription for 1 drug would be 1 MedicationRequest (possibly with a contained Medication)
ElectiveSurgery would be 100 or more. Encounter creation and multiple updates, every vital sign recorded, all meds pre, post and during, including dispenses, MAR entries and administrations, records of meals, fluid outputs, nursing notes, rounds notes, the Procedure itself, surgical report, and discharge summary.

Thank you, Lloyd!