Binding a NamingSystem to Observation.identifier

Hello! I would like to bind a NamingSystem to a FHIR Observation Profile. What do I need to do in the example below?

Profile: NewObservation
Parent: Observation
Id: new-observation
Title: "New Observation"
Description: "This is an example observation to answer a question posted to FHIR community."
* code from new-value-set (required)
* identifier.system from  // I need help here, would like for it to reference 
// NewNamingSystem.uniqueId[0].value but this is not a ValueSet and 
// `from` can only be used with ValueSets

Instance: NewNamingSystem
InstanceOf: NamingSystem
Title: "New NamingSystem"
Description: "Example NamingSystem to bind to Observation.identifier"
Usage: #definition
* name = "Partner User Id"
* status = #active
* kind = #identifier
* date = "2022-11-03T00:00:00Z"
* uniqueId[0].type = #uri
* uniqueId[0].value = "partner/user/id"

Thank you for your assistance :slight_smile:

NamingSystems aren’t “bound” in the way value sets are. You can slice the identifier element by Identifier.system and declare a slice with a given system (by specifying a pattern for the overall identifier element with just system populated, or by declaring a fixed value for the system element). You can then set expectations for that slice (min=1, mustSupport, etc.)

Thank you for the background Lloyd!