Blockchain Methods To Improve User Trust & Transactability

I am interested in applying Permissioned Blockchain methods to the problem of obtaining and managing Patient Permission grants(not to be confused with permissioned blockchain nodes themselves). Beyond that, I believe that this approach could dramtically accelerate certain AppStore (e.g., SMART in FHIR) proliferation

Indeed, it might. It makes logical sense. But I don’t think anyone in the FHIR community has investigated it much

Mr Greive

Thanks so much for your response. Inasmuch s I’ve been following your work closely (via various Vimeo and Coursera sessions) for some time now, it’s a distinct honor to be in direct touch.

Anyway, I wasn’t altogether expecting to find blockchain expertise here (we’ve got plenty of that on our side); rather, I’m hoping to find folks knee-deep in FHIR to ask several questions of: e.g., How satisfied in the FHIR community, in general, in OAuth/OIDC authentication and authorization? How much value would a fine-grained Patient permissioning/grant method add? Would an inner-domain AppStore approach be welcomed or resisted (by major EHR vendors and/or others)?…and more

Thanks again as I look forward to be both a contributor as well as beneficiary in this forum