Blood group of patient - where to Tag

can’t we attach the “blood group” of the patine to patient resource
I know that “blood group” is considered as sensitive data. But as per my thought of view the best place to tag the patient’s blood group is directly under patient resource?
Your view please.

Blood group would be an observation and thus the correct resource to ‘tag’ it on would be Observation; see an example from the FHIR wiki => Observation-example-bloodgroup.xml - FHIR v4.0.1

Thanks for the response. My argument is that the blood group of a patient is not change time to time and it is one of the most important thing in emergency management. Therefore, Can we record it directly under patient resourse

The ‘standard’ way to capture it is Observation. While it’s not something that should change, the reality is that it can change (e.g. certain marrow transplants). Also, it’s an assertion made at a particular time using a specific test methodology and there exists the possibility that multiple conflicting assertions could exist. It’s not a demographic characteristic. While nothing stops you from defining an extension for this on Patient, you won’t interoperate with most other systems and it’s certainly not consistent with the community’s intended use of the Patient resource.


Very clear, Thanks for the explanation.