Build putting \n\t escape sequences in examples

It appears that when the build script generates HTML pages for resource examples from the source XML it replaces new line and tab characters inside the narrative text with literal “\n” and “\t” strings. Those don’t belong in the HTML. For one example see the General Person Example; there are several others as well on multiple resource types. I think what it should do is either pass those white space characters through unchanged, or strip them out completely.

Is this a known issue or should I submit a tracker for it? I haven’t submitted any trackers for the build process before so I’m not sure what process to follow.

I do not follow this. This page is showing the JSON representation of the resource, and the json must be escaped like this. So the page is correct

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My apologies, I misunderstood that part of JSON. Many of the other JSON examples don’t have those escaped white space characters so I thought we didn’t want them. Please disregard.

It does raise a syle question about whether pretty printing characters should be maintained by the build tools when creating the json examples… either is technically valid.