Bundle validation errors

When checking our bundles through the official validator (FHIR Validator), we get the following errors:

  1. Except for transactions and batches, each entry in a Bundle must have a fullUrl which is the identity of the resource in the entry
  2. Bundle entry missing fullUrl
  3. Search results must have ids
    However, the documentation indicates that the cardinality of parameter fullUrl (Bundle.entry.fullUrl) is 0…1.
    The same requirement is specified for the resource.id parameter.
    Please explain what is the reason for this behavior of the validator?

In addition to the cardinality, you also need to pay attention to the constraints defined by the resource and any other text that has SHALL rules. If you look in the definition for fullUrl, you’ll see this:

The fullUrl element SHALL have a value except that:

  • fullUrl can be empty on a POST (although it does not need to when specifying a temporary id for reference in the bundle)
  • Results from operations might involve resources that are not identified.

Similarly, id is optional for situations like ‘create’. If you’re retrieving an existing resource, that resource must, by definition, have an id or it couldn’t be an existing FHIR resource.

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