Can I use "[base]/[type]/[id]" for Location header in response for create a resource?

The specification (STU3) requires to set Location header to “[base]/[type]/[id]/_history/[vid]”, which is OK if the server is supporting “a version specific retrieval”, what if my server does not support “a version specific retrieval”? According to the specification, the server which does not implement “a version specific retrieval” will return an error for that request, thus my question is that if it is OK to set Location to just “[base]/[type]/[id]” after a resource is created?

That’s an excellent question. Can you please submit a formal change request for us to clarify expectations about the location header for systems that don’t support versioning?

Could you please give me a pointer? Don’t know where to start.

At the bottom of every page in the FHIR spec is a “propose a change” link. You’ll need to register which is reviewed by a human and is only supposed to take one business day, though occasionally longer. If it takes too long, ping me on or send me an email (