Can not Fetch HAPI FHIR server on

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I am new around with FHIR and hope this is the right place to ask and someone knows what is my problem.

I intend to create a project on Yet, I am not able to fetch resources from HAPI-based FHIR server. I use the GET request URL from the server (e.g., but the error pops up is:

Starting import …
Could not upload file/zip due to a technical error: Type checking the data: Encountered unknown element ‘source’ at location ‘Bundle.entry[0].resource[0].meta[0].source[0]’ while parsing
Import failed!


I’m not sure what simplifier has to do with this, but it looks like a version mis-match error. What version is HAPI configured for, and what version is the bundle?

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Well, I try to fetch from a software: HAPI FHIR Server - 4.2.0 & Server: HAPI FHIR R4 Server.

Hi @Abraham_Oshni_Alvand,

I understand that from your project you’ve used Upload > Fetch from URL to try and get a bundle of resources into your project from your local HAPI FHIR R4 Server.
Can you confirm that the Simplifier project you are importing to is also configured as an R4 project?

And can you try the same with or Because both work nicely for me, importing 20 patient instances or 1 patient profile respectively.

As Grahame suggests, please check whether the data in your bundle ( is valid and really FHIR R4 data, or whether someone has uploaded STU3 resources to an R4 server.
I guess calling $validate on each resource in the bundle will do it, e.g.$validate.

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Thank you Ward and Grahame,

Problem was solved contacting to their team. As Grahame suggested, the issue was on the version of hapi server and Simiplifier. I had missed matching the project on Simplifier to R4 version.

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