Can We add custom column/property in HL7?

We work in Health Domain,We have developed Android App for Collecting clinical and administrative data, i made database with MDDS format and now getting problem in implementing HL7.

  1. Can we add custom columns/property with HL7 .Ex In Encounter table of HL7 suppose i have to add following columns/property.
    1.Encounter Description
    2.Encounter Date

So,I want to know can I add these two columns in HL7 Encounter table.
2.Or tell me if it is already present in HL7.


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Read about Extensibility here

I tried this way

      Encounter enc = new Encounter();
	  ClassHistoryComponent cls=new ClassHistoryComponent();
      Extension ext=new Extension();
      ext.getNamedProperty("distcriptions  ");

Response JSON:-

  "resourceType": "Encounter",
  "classHistory": [
              {  "id": "12345672399863"  }

not able to get response from HL7 .

I’m not sure what ext.getNamedProperty("distcriptions "); is intended to do. You haven’t specified a url or a value for your extension, so there’s not actually any content to serialize