Cannot search based on valueInteger or valueBoolean values

I need to perform a search request that will return me Observations that have a specific code and the Boolean value is true. The same goes for Integer values.
My search requests are:

  1. [base]/Observation?component-code-value-boolean=12345$true
  2. [base]/Observation?component-code-value-integer=12345$0

In both cases I get a 400 Bad Request Error: Search parameter ‘component-code-value-boolean’ for resource type ‘Observation’ was not found. or Search parameter ‘component-code-value-integer’ for resource type ‘Observation’ was not found.

I tried a similar request with component-code-value-quantity and it worked. Has it something to do with Primitive types? How can I modify my request in order for it to work?
I am new to FHIR and I struggle to understand its logic.

In case it helps, here is the component that is part of my Observation

            <system value="some_value"/>
                <code value="12345"/>
                <display value="some_display"/>
    <valueBoolean value="false"/>

Thank you in advance

It looks like there are no standard search parameters to search Observation by either boolean or integer (which presumably means that neither data type is often used). However, this is clearly an omission. My guess is that the existing ‘quantity’ and ‘concept’ searches will be expanded to support these data types rather than adding new searches, but I’m not sure. Please submit a change request to get this addressed in FHIR R5+. For R4, you’ll have to define your own search parameters - and get servers to support them, or find out how servers currently support such searches on a per-server basis.

I see… Thanks for your quick respose!