Cardinality of -1

In the IG, HL7 Version 2 to FHIR, ConceptMap: Segment PID to Patient Map, the Cardinality - Max column sometimes shows -1. What does this mean?

Sounds like a rendering error. Can you submit a change request?

Hi Lloyd, After combing through the IG, I was able to find this explanation:
• Cardinality (Min and Max)
o The cardinality expressed numerically.
o Note that “-1” is used for the max cardinality where v2 indicates it to be “*”.

So, I believe the IG is stating that, when -1 is used, the v2 allows for many. This may or may not be in conflict with what is stated as the max cardinality in the corresponding resource in FHIR release 4.

That being said, I don’t believe the IG needs to be updated unless someone wants to add a little more in the way of examples or further elaboration on the point.