Changing reference resource type on fhir profiling

Now we are doing FHIR Profiling of endoscopic DiagnosticReport.
In Japan, we are developing JP Core Profiling based on R4.
However, we know that in R5, the Media resource will disappear and DocumentReference will be used instead.
We would like to avoid unnecessary reconsideration in the future.
In order to allow R4 to use DocumentReference resources instead of Media resources to represent media/image information, we are considering changing the definition as follows.

R4 : 1…1 Reference(Media)
Our plan : 1…1 Reference(Media | DocumentReference)

Is it ok to change the resource type of the Reference in this way in the FHIR Profiling?

Profiles can constrain resource types, but they can’t add new ones. You can however use an extension to allow referencing additional resources.