Checking if a FHIR server supports resource versioning

On section Support for Versions, first sentence “Servers that support this API [versioning] SHOULD provide full version support…” leads to the conclusion that not all servers support versioning.

What is the recommended way to check if a server supports or not versioning?

Is that checking the capabilities for each resource looking for “vread” interactions? Or should check for all the endpoints that accept _history?


Look at

Can you expand a little bit?

You mean on the spec? On the returned metadata from a working server? What should I look for?


Read the spec, but at run-time, you’ll be able to find whether history is supported by looking at that path in the CapabilityStatement returned from meta.

As lloyd mentioned looking at the returned capability statement will help you know whether or not the server does support this, for example:

This test server does support it as seen by the flag (see screenshot attached)

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Thanks @blessed_tabvirwa1with that example now is clear what @lloyd was referring to. I just needed a little context.

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