Claim.identifier issues

We identify claims as 13-digit numeric values, the value is generated by an internal algorithm.
The question is - how can we specify claim.identifier.system?

For example, can we specify it as
claim.identifier.system = “urn:myOrganizationName:claim-id”? do we need to register this system value (urn:myOrganizationName:claim-id) in the HL7 OID registry or any other registries?

If we specify claim.identifier.system as
claim.identifier.system = “
Should this link ( provide any information?

Thank you

You can use a URN, though I think that your URN isn’t valid - it needs a subschema.
You do not have to register the URN, but if you use an OID you can register it

If you use a URL, then it’s useful but not required for it to resolve and provide some information so that implementers who run into the identifier later can know something about it

Hello Grahame, thank you for your response. I really appreciate your assistance. I have one question left - you wrote that my urn needs a subschema. Could you please explain to me a little - what is it and what could be a valid URN for my case?

kind regards

Actually, it’s called a Namespace Identifier - urn: is always followed by a namespace identifier such as oid: or uuid: . But I see that’s what you intended by myOrganizationName. I’m not sure that’s valid - see rfc3406

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