Clinical Trial and Genetic resource development

Hi folks,

I see there is some consideration about Clinical Trial resources, via the wiki. Where can I find more information about this discussion? I have some experience working with clinical trial data (trials, registrations, and questions – not outcomes) so maybe I can offer some experiences.

I’m also curious what the state of the Genetic resource, the wiki seems to show someone is in favor of breaking out GeneticObservation from Observation. (via the same link)



The ClinicalTrail and other associated resources, when they’re created profiled, will be managed by the RCRIM (Regulated Clinical Research Information Management) work group. They’re sort of waiting for implementer interest before they get started, so I’d recommend reaching out to them. Right now, GeneticObservation is a profile on Observation. There’s also a proposed Sequence resource. The work group there is the Clinical Genomics work group. Information on those two work groups (call times, contact information for co-chairs, etc.) can be found here: