Code for PHG Device generic specialization


May be it is not the right place to ask this question but I was not able to propose a change using Jira (waiting for my account confirmation).

As specified in Specializations section the MDC code for a generic specialization is 8::4169 which gives us the code 528457 after conversion. The 528457 code is used in the referenced example.
However, the code 528385 is given as example in the text of the specification:

specialization.systemType.text=”MDC_DEV_SPEC_PROFILE_GENERIC: supports all 20601 devices”

Any reason explaining this difference or is it a typo?

Many thanks.


Hi Meriem,

I checked and your Jira user id request was approved. It’s also associated with the same email address that your account here. You should have received an email asking you to set your password. However, you can also just go to Jira and user that email address and request a password reset. Then you should be able to raise the issue in Jira, which is indeed the best way to get it addressed.