CodeableConcept when "Other"

Suppose a scenario where a Practitioner cancels an appointment because the practitioner was sick.

The running system supports a cancelation reason coded “others”, where is possible to describe the reason as plan text.

Is it right to save the cancellationReason as:

"cancelationReason": {
    	    "system": "<my system>",
    	    "code": "other"
    	    "display": "General not coded reason"
    "text": "The practitioner got sick"

Or there is a better option?

Obs.: CancellationReason attribute was used as an example. Several other attributes could be used, as “appointmentType”, Participant.type, etc.


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You don’t even need to have the ‘other’ code, but yes that’s absolutely fine for the core spec. (It’s possible certain implementation guides might impose tighter constraints that would limit what could be done in this situation.)