Comparison of open source FHIR servers

I am working on a proof of concept project to setup a Patient repository for several use cases downstream.

Has anyone used/tested these open source FHIR servers (API + data storage):

Microsoft FHIR Server
Firely Spark Server
IBM (LinuxForHealth) FHIR Server

The above 3 seem like the most mature ones from the searching I have been doing. But if I am missing anything better or similar please chime in.

Any comments on how your experience with these, comparisons, pros/cons etc?

Here is some context for the query:
The POC system receives patient data from disparate sources and formats (e.g. CCDA, FHIR), identifies patients and merges patient data (or keeps patient data linked), has an HIE interface, serves as single source of truth for reporting, quality measures, analytics, PHR etc I know a big ask! :slight_smile:


SmileCDR is certainly mature. As is also AIDBox.

There’s some comparisons around on raw performance. But how much performance you need for particular operations is very dependent on your project, and isn’t clear from what you wrote. But given the breadth of functionality you’re looking for, that suggests functional requirements are more important