ConceptMap Patch vs Update?

Since all concept map source to target mappings are in the same resource, how does FHIR want updates handled from a REST perspective?

If a ConceptMap is created, and an update to a handful of the translations needs to be adjusted, should a new version be created? should the existing ConceptMap be replaced via PATCH? Or should we allow singular source to target updates?

What is the correct way to do this?

This isn’t a binary choice; a patch is just an instruction for the server for how to go about creating a new version. So most systems that support patch also support update since you need the same logic. Patch is just a way to move work from the client to the server. Exactly to which clients you offer each depends on how you control your environment

Thanks, so in other words, no FHIR does not recommend/ suggest/ advocate how the updating of mappings within a concept map be handled.

You’ll probably find that ‘update’ is more widely supported than ‘patch’ (because patch adds additional complexity/technical capabilities). That might influence your choice. But you’re correct that the FHIR specification doesn’t pick any favorites.

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thanks @lloyd! That’s what I wanted to confirm; appreciate the help!