Condition for simultaneous ordered diagnoses

I am investigating the use of Condition to capture multiple simultaneous diagnoses. The order in which the diagnoses are recorded in our current hospital systems carries some meaning (the first being the primary diagnoses and others being supplementary or secondary).

Is there a mechanism within Condition by which order can be maintained (or preferrably recorded explicitly)?

No. we’ve regard that as a feature of the place from which the condition is referenced.

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Yes! You’re right, it’s right there in Encounter.diagnosis.rank.

Thanks Grahame, you’ve answered both my question here and on chat! Is there a preference where these sorts of questions should be asked? Essentially very basic questions about the structure of FHIR as I get started.

1 Like is monitored more broadly and is generally preferred for that reason (you’ll usually get a faster response and the response will be seen by - and thus help - more people)