Condition Resource - code element

As per FHIR specifications it says it should use SNOMED CT as reference. Internally we have ICD codes available and we are planning use that as reference.

Any issues or concerns on this?

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If you are using a FHIR interface internally for other internal consumers, as long as you are all agreed on which codes you are going to use, I wouldn’t imagine there to be a problem. You can always select the code you’re looking for based on the system URL and use its absence to perform error handling (in the event somebody gives you a code for a system you aren’t expecting).

I would only imagine you might run into issues if you are using your internal FHIR messages for systems externally that are expecting SNOMED codes yet you only have the ICD codes.

The binding strength for Condition.code is “example”. As explained here, systems are not expected or even encouraged to use codes from the value set if the binding strength is “example”. You’re free to send whatever codes you like - or even none at all and just use the ‘text’ element. You can also send multiple codings, prehaps a local code, an ICD9, an ICD10, and a SNOMED CT code as well as text.

Note that countries may impose additional expectations. For example, the US Core profiles do mandate the use of SNOMED CT for Condition.code, so if you need to comply with those, you might need to send a SNOMED CT translation in addition to your ICD code.

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This is exactly what I was looking for. Will share with my engineering team!

thank you