Condition - Set verificationStatus as confirmed or Api for reconcile it

I’m trying to integrate our app with Epic FHIR. Testing it via sandbox EHR Launch.
In my app I POST Condition(using api with verificationStatus = Confirmed, but when I check it via Condition(Search) - it’s created with verificationStatus = Provisional.

In Epic FHIR specification said:

The Condition resource accommodates creating problems by adding them to the “holding tank” that drives the EpicCare Reconcile Outside Data Activity. Once a clinician reconciles the problem, the unconfirmed problem in the “holding tank” will no longer appear in Condition.Search results. A new Condition resource associated with the reconciled problem will be available in the normal Condition.Search results.

Can someone please assist how to set Condition verificationStatus as confirmed or Api for reconcile Condition.

Thank you in advance!

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Have you tried reaching out to

@lloyd Already asked, thank you!

You cannot reconcile this into the chart as an external system. As the documentation states, a clinician must execute this workflow.

But do you know how to test it and see created Conditions in Condition.Search response?
Does Epic have sandbox or Api for clinitian workflow to reconcile the Condition?

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I’m afraid I have no expertise in Epic’s current capabilities and approach. Typically this forum is for general FHIR questions. Vendor-specific questions are best taken up through the vendor’s preferred support channel.

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@lloyd Got you!
Thank you for your support!