Converting HL7 ADT message into HL7 FHIR xml


on the HL7 FHIR official website, sample FHIR xml tags of all resources (For e.g. Appointment,Medications etc.) are given -

But, in my requirement, we are receiving HL7 ADT messages and we want to convert it into FHIR XML.

Do we have any ready API to convert HL7 ADT message into FHIR XML or we need to do the mappings manually for each resource ? and If we need to do that mapping manually, does that JavaScript code of mapping is available ?


Pretty much you have to write the conversion yourself; that’s because a lot of business context is implicit in v2 - and highly variable. There is mappings to v2 where we can - e.g.

Thanks for the suggestion.

I looked into the above mapping link ( as well as the sample XML given - General Person Example (

Still, I have 3 doubts here -

  1. How to convert tilta-separated values of HL7 ADT into the XML.

For. e.g. in the XML of sample person example, there is one identifier tag having all its information inside that tag. But, I have multiple tilta separated identifiers in PID 3 of my HL7 ADT message.

How to handle it in order to convert it in FHIR XML ?

  1. In the mapping that is given here - “”, it is not covering all the fields of HL7 ADT message.

For e.g. I have Social Security Number (SSN) in my ADT message (PID-19). I neither see it in mapping link nor in simple person example FHIR xml.

How I can include such values which are not covered in mapping document in FHIR xml ? what is the tag name for SSN ?

  1. In FHIR xml, name of the tags and structure of the tag is fixed.

For e.g. for sex/gender, tag is “gender value”

If all the tag names are fixed and only values are different then,can you please attach one XML here which will contain all the tags of all resources so that it will be easy for us to compare the HL7 ADT fields with the FHIR xml tags.

Thank you so much again.