Could I use the OID of ISO as The URI of Coding.system

In China, We have register one top OID in ISO and ITU , and use as the root OID of China health code system. Under the root OID there are a series of sub code systems and value sets which have its own OID extended from the root OID,
The Coding Data Type in FHIR have a Coding.system that is URI type. Could I just fill it with the extended sub OID? (e.g. The jaundice location code table: <system value=“urn:oid:”> )
Or Should I register the Profile of Chinese code system in one FHIR server?

if you want to use OIDs in your Coding, you can, as you have in your example.

But you should register the OID in a server somewhere, so that implementers have a way of finding out what the OID means. The OID registry ( is the place to register the OID for now. An FHIR based registry is on the way, but not done yet.

While using an OID as a URN is possible, it’s not encouraged. We try hard to make FHIR implementer-friendly and OIDs aren’t very. A human-meaningful URL - even if it doesn’t resolve - is much easier to look at, recognize, identify errors in and all of the other things that would be helpful when writing code or trying to debug instances.

Thanks, but how to register the URN?

Wanderful! looking forward the FIHR based Registration, but if I use The OID registry ( Now, is the a way to transform to the FHIR style later

if you use the OID registry, you can still register the same OID in the FHIR registry once it is up and running. That won’t make any change in your actual resources.

thanks,I wonder to konw when it will be available