Create resourceType

Hello, could we create our resource Type in Fhir? when I say resource Type I mean defining new resource which is adapted to our needs.
In other terms adding new resources to FHIR, if it’s possible how can Ido this ? it’s a good choice ? what’s the process to do this ? it’s complicated ?( I’m talking about extension because there is no resourceType adapted to my needs that i could base on to extend).

Short answer: you can’t - at least not and be considered FHIR conformant.

Long answer:
First, the notion of ‘room’ is already supported by an existing resource - Location, so that should be used. If you ever have a concept where, after thoroughly reviewing the specification, you can’t find an appropriate resource or aren’t sure which one is the best fit, ask the FHIR community - ideally on They’ll be happy to provide guidance.

Second, creating your own resources is not something that’s allowed in FHIR because doing so breaks interoperability. In those remote edge-cases where none of the existing FHIR resources are appropriate (FHIR covers a remarkable number of things), the ‘Basic’ resource is intended to serve as a generic catch-all which, through extensions, can be made to serve any purpose not already met by the standard resources.

You can also submit a change proposal to seek the introduction of a new resource in a future version of FHIR, though such new resources will only be available in future releases, not past releases.