Create Rest API in FHIR server using

Dear team,
I am new to FHIR server.
I Need to create FHIR rest api which read data from local storage(Sql server) and expose to CMS complaint rules.


CMS has lots of rules… Have you looked at the .NET reference implementation? Have you looked at the Da Vinci and Carin FHIR implementation guides that cover some of the regulation requirements?

Hi lloyd,
Thanks for the help, can you let me know any references to integrate Fhir step by step using .dot net ?


There is no “step by step” because there are many ways to use FHIR - and many different things to use it on top of. There are however free tutorials on the .NET API - do a google search on "FHIR DevDays videos and you’ll find a treasure trove of information on different aspects of the FHIR standard - including the .NET API.