CreatedAt timestamps for FHIR resources (TTL)

Hi all.

I need to apply a TTL for FHIR resources, therefor I have to query for the creation date of a resource. Is there a way to query for a CreatedAt timestamp or another way to apply a specified TTL for resources?

I came across extensions, but I am unsure if they would be queryable and if it works with a good search performance.

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You don’t want lastUpdated?

Hi grahamegrieve,

the _lastUpdated will be updated after creation, so I cannot be sure that the lastUpdated date matches the creation date if the resource was updated after creation.

well, there’s an extension for createdDate… no there’s not. I thought we created one, but apparently not. you’ll have to create one. They are queryable, but you do have to organise for that - define a search parameter, and get your server(s) to support it

If Provenance resources are created then Provenance might help.