Creating a patient with observation

Hello everyone!

I am creating a .NET application using OpenEMR REST API.

I want to confirm that what I am doing is correct, because I cannot see any obervations in OpenEMR no matter what.

  1. First I create a patient:


I receive a number which I suppose is the internal ID for that patient.

  1. I then create an observation with the subject/reference as the identifier to map to the patient.


Heart rate

“display”:“Vital Signs”
“text”:“Vital Signs”
“display”:“Heart rate”
“text”:“Heart rate”

Should these be connected now with this approach?
I cannot see the observation in OpenEMR.

BTW, I removed all ‘h’ in http because as a new member I cannot post something with more than 2 links…

Thanks in advance!

I’m not familiar with OpenEMR’s expectations, but the first instance is not expressed in FHIR resource syntax. Unless OpenEMR has an ability to express it in FHIR syntax, it’s inappropriate to point to it using subject.reference.