Creating Lab Order Request from FHIR to HL7 V2!

Hello everyone,
I would like to know what could be the best practice -or way- for doing the following:
I have access to a database that store all application’s data as resources (Patient, Service Requests, Practioner, Organization, Specimen). And I need to use these records to construct OML Messages to integrate with HL7 V2 systems. So it would be like FHIR R4 to HL7 V2 conversion! Yes, Unfortunately.

  • So Should I bundle all needed resources for the OML message (in a Bundle resource), use Composition Resource or use Service request Resource with contained resources? I prefer to have a single JSON or XML so the conversion to HL7 would be easy.

  • Is there any real example to perform the order request through FHIR to HL7 Conversion?


If you’re mapping from FHIR to a v2 message, it’ll be most straight-forward to represent the FHIR as a message too - so that means a Bundle starting with the MessageHeader resource. We don’t have a lot of examples of v2 conversion (because v2 implementations tend to be so variable), however you might find it useful to read and participate in the stream.

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Thanks, @lloyd for your amazing input and efforts.
I will give it a try although I would like to go with the Rest Paradigm, not FHIR messaging type. But if I create a bundle resource where type = collection that would be conformant and applicable too … right?

A Bundle of type collection would just cause the resources to be stored as a single Bundle. It wouldn’t break them out and make them available from their separate endpoints and the data woudn’t be queryable/searchable unless you know the A type of transaction would at least let you ask for resources to be created or updated at the appropriate endpoints.