DetectedIssue.category for preventative care encounter gap?

Based on a previous discussion here I understand that the DetectedIssue resource should be used to model a gap in care. Which Detected Issue Category code should we send to a Practitioner to tell them that they should have conducted a certain Procedure on a certain Patient but haven’t done so yet? For example, a primary care doctor might need to do annual foot exams on all diabetic patients. The closest code I can find is “TIME”, but that doesn’t seem quite right because nothing has actually been proposed yet.
Is there a better option or should we add a new code?

My leaning would be a new code. Most of our existing codes deal with things that are proposed or being done but perhaps shouldn’t be. We haven’t spent that much time flagging things that should be done but aren’t. But that’s certainly in scope. If you submit a change proposal, we can look at adding a code (or perhaps set of codes?) to better cover the space.

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Thanks I have created new tracker #15924 to add a “GAP” code.