DetectedIssue versus Flag for medication adherence

For representing a known medication adherence issue, would you use DetectedIssue or Flag? While my initial thinking was around DetectedIssue, the more I dig into it, it seems too focused on issues tied to specific events (e.g. a drug-drug interaction tied to a new medication request), and not as well suited for period-based issues based on a number of events (or lack thereof). It only allows you to specify a single date when the issue was identified, and the allowed status values are not suited to an open/closed or active/inactive type of issue.

Flag, while far more generic, seems more flexible in handling these period-based issues, however, it lacks the ability (without extending it) to indicate a severity as well as to record mitigating actions.

I’m interested in which direction others in the community would go with this.

If you’re talking about an on-going medication compliance issue, the right choice might actually be Condition - that allows you to track evolution of the problem, assert causation relationships (e.g. cognitive or psychiatric issues), track interventions, etc. Flag could be used to highlight the existence of the problem, but Flag is intended to be the equivalent of a warning label or yellow sticky on the inside of the patient’s chart highlighting “key things to know before you’ve had time to review the chart”. It’s not intended to manage details. DetectedIssue is more about a point-in-time concern - it could certainly be used to highlight a potential compliance incident - e.g. Refill too soon. But it’s not intended to track a behavioral issue with a patient.