Determine all the Fhir compliant entities

We are building an application for a clinic, i was tasked to look into FHIR and find out what are the entities we need to comply to and implement, so far we have Appointments, Assessments, Users, Clinics, content and so on. I have 0 experience with fhir, so looking at the docs i find it really hard to understand what are the entities specifically like this we already have. How would i tell ?

The names used in the FHIR specification and the names you use in your local implementation will often be different. (And sometimes, even if the name is the same, that doesn’t guarantee that the concept is equivalent.) The process of mapping requires reading through the resource descriptions of anything that looks vaguely related (and taking a look at the ‘module’ pages linked to on the home page as well) to get a sense of what the options are. Look at the descriptions, look at the ‘related resources’ section and look at the data elements and see what seems like it might be a fit.

You’ll need to do this both for the resources and the individual data elements. (For elements, also look at the extensions defined for the resource.)

After doing that, if you still have some questions, the best thing to do is ask detailed questions on You’ll need to provide detail. “User” can mean different things - can the user be a patient or relative, or is it always employees? For clinic, do you want the physical building, the service offered there, or the group of people responsible? However, if you provide detail, the community can generally direct you to the most appropriate resource or element to match.

In some cases, you might be informed by some of the mappings that exist. If you’ve already mapped your internal data structures to HL7 v2, CDA or some other standard, you can check to see if there are mappings between FHIR and that other standard.

Finally, look at whether there are any regulatory expectations in your country. That might also help you know what you need to implement/map to.

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Thank you for the throughout explanation! This will be really helpful! So i initially determined that it would require 6 hours to complete this task, i was wrong as i assume :smiley: