Device maintenance & management


I’have two questions about device equipment and operations linked.
We need to trace a telemonitoring information which means that the device need to be clean or something else (for example when you must change the filter).
When we collect this information, we need to organize a call, a rdv, do the operation and when it’s completed, write the result.

We saw that a care plan can contain encounter, appointment and task. But it’s not very clear for us to use in this case.

Can someone have some more simple explanation ?


Please let me know If I understand correctly:
A device will notify (the clinic? the patient?) and when that happens, you have to plan a set of activities to run: Organise a call, a meeting, then do the maintenance/changes in the device, and then capture the device information.
If so,

  1. do you need to “model” this set of activities in a FHIR resource?
    And if so:
    1.1. Do you want to see how the set of activities looks for a patient like “Mr X device has been triggered, he must have a call, and a meeting”? (that could be CarePlan)
    1.2. Do you want to capture the “protocol” which is “Every time the device is triggered, we must do this and this and this” (this would be PlanDefinition)
    If you can give more detailed information it would be helpful

Thank you

Hi costateixeira,

Thanks for your response,
The device notify the company in charge of equipment maintenance and after we plan a set of activities as you say.

We need to put our data in FHIR format data flow, so for the device, we need to use a FHIR Object able to get the device status (probably defined in the “deviceMetric” object before). Is it a “DeviceUsesStatement” based on Procedure or something like that ?

For execution, if i understand, “PlanDefinition” Object describe the procedure and “CarPlan” carry all other event like encounter, appointment … I’ll look more in detail this object.