Disability Resource based on Observations

Hi All,
Relatively new to FHIR. I am working on an idea of creating a tool for disability benefit classification. My idea is that a certain disability, and disability rating could be inherently associated with a series of Observations w/ LOINC codes, Observations with specific quantityValues, and other measurements all over a specific timeframe.
Originally my idea was that this would be a yaml file with a series of queries to be submitted to a FHIR server, as I thought more and more however I feel like there is a FHIR based answer that might solve my purpose however I am lost on whether this would involve the creation of an implementation guide, or simply an extension.

Has anyone seen anything similar to this idea in the past? A FHIR resource that contains complex logic related to other FHIR resources?

Any help would be appreciated

This was already asked and answered here: https://chat.fhir.org/#narrow/stream/179166-implementers/topic/Disability.20Resource.20based.20on.20Observations

Good practice in the community is to allow a couple of business days for a response in one place prior to raising an issue somewhere else unless someone in the community specifically suggests re-posting elsewhere. (And if you’re going to post in multiple places, provide a cross-link.)

Yup thats correct, and active discussion over in the chat forum. Thanks lloyd