DocumentElement Created vs Indexed

The DocumentElement resource has two elements Created and Indexed. They have similar documentation, except that Indexed is required.

  • Created. When the document was created.
  • Indexed. When the document reference was indexed.

If I scanned a paper document, what values belong in these two fields? Thanks.

Created would be the date of the original document - as stated on the cover page. If you were scanning an old fax or PDF, the “creation” date could easily have been years ago. The date reflects the currency of the information in the document. The index date reflects when the electronic DocumentReference was created - so the author date of the reference. It lets you know when the index information first became available. I’m not totally clear on why it’s 1…1 The presumption may be that it would always be known, but I’m not sure why knowing the indexing date would be critical to making use of the indexing entry - and “critical to use” is our normal criteria for making something 1…x.

Thank you! That makes perfect sense.