DocumentReference or DocumentManifest without Content

I have a list of patient documents for a particular patient. If my system records these documents as BASE64 encoded documents and provide in either the DocumentReference or DocumentManifest resources the content attribute is mandatory. If I have a list or bundle of documents then i need to pass each of the BASE64 encoded documents. This is stated that it is included in the summary - meaning that if i pass _summary=true this would still include the content. How can i get a list of documentreferences or manifests without the actual document. I don’t want to have to pass large amounts of data between the server and the client, unless I actually select a particular document to view.

You can serve your bae64 encoded documents as Binary resources, and have your DocumentReference.content.attachment.url point to that Binary resource. That way, your DocumentReference resource is pretty small, and if the client finds the DocRef it wants, it can then pull down the associated Binary resource.

Binary is also nice because by default, it just serves the document as the content type of the actual document.