Drug minimum dose


I have a question regarding the medicationKnowledge resource. What is the best way to indicate the minimum and maximum doses per administration of a medication?

The dosage in administrationGuidelines field is an element of the type Dosage which includes fields for the maxDosePerPeriod and maxDosePerAdministration. However there is no filed specific for the minimum amount. Maybe it would be an interesting addition to the resource.

What would be your suggestion to include these informations in the resource?

Thanks in advance for the help!

You would use doseRange in Dosage to represent minimum and maximum doses.

Thank you for your answer!
But how would I identify if the values were per administration or per a period of time?
Assuming since it is under administration guidelines, it represents maximum and minimum doses per administration, how could I define maximum and minimum values per a specific period of time?

Dosage contains maxDosePerPeriod and maxDosePerLifetime if you’re wanting to set hourly, daily, weekly or other maximums. The doseRange is “per administration”.

Thanks for the answer lloyd.
Those were the fields I was planning on using for the maximum values, but there aren’t any fields for the minimums. What would you suggest to store minimum daily doses?

I don’t think we’ve had that use-case raised. So you want a minimum daily dose that’s greater than the multiplication of the minimum dose for the range by the frequency? E.g. 2-3 tablets every 6 hours, minimum of 5 tablets/day?

If so, you’ll need an extension. You could submit a change request to ask for a standard one.

Yes, that would be the case.

Thank you for the answer!