Embedd observations in DiagnosticReport

Would it make sense to store Observations containing analyzes results
derived from a measurment observation embedded in a DiagnosticReport
via DiagnosticReport.contained?

We could store the result Observation separately and link it to the
DiagnosticReport via DiagnsticReport.result but than the viewer would
need to retrieve the DiagnosticReport, examine the result field and
fetch all listed Observations in an extra step.

If the result Observation would be contained in the DiagnosticReport
both resources would be transmitted as unit.

Alternatively, is there a way to query the DiagnositcReport and linked
Observations with a bundle operation? I know that I could GET multiple
Resource with a bundle but since the DiagnositcReport contains the ID
that I need to search the Observation, I can’t see how this could be
done within one bundle request.

‘contained’ is only for use with data that has no independent identity and can’t be shared independently. In general, this would not be the case for Observations that are part of a DiagnosticReport. If you want to transmit multiple resources in a single call, use either ‘Batch’ or ‘Transaction’. You can certainly query on DiagnosticReport and use _include to retrieve referenced Observations (and other observations).